You ready to donate you body to science?

Science doesn’t lie and neither do we. Our Members are our testimony.

We use proven programming methodologies in designing your periodised training schedule and scientific process in monitoring your progress.

We commit to always remaining current in our knowledge and performance, maintaining our edge. We only use the highest quality equipment as we value using effective tools.

While a member works with one trainer at a time, the entire team is on hand to offer different perspectives on the regimen.



Are you ready to train hard?

Our Members don’t pay fees, they invest in results.

You are no longer travelling this journey alone. A personal coach assists you to maximise your goals by keeping you motivated to stay accountable and not just during training sessions.

We are driven to achieve your goals.

You can be confident in when you want to workout that you have everything you need available to you. Our online booking system manages the space to ensure over crowding is avoided.

We look after you when training on your own, as all our team have your meeting your needs as their number one priority, trainers and other members alike as we are all part of one team. A club is made up of its members.

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Its time to reboot! Its not fitness, its not a fad, its for life.


We develop sustainable habits slowly, we don’t offer quick short term results.

Our bodies are a physical manifestation of our mind. To transforming our bodies we must start understanding what we think and how that affects our decision making. The knowledge we possess, what we prioritizes, who we allow in our circle of influence, all effect our thinking.

We challenge you to understand more, to make more informed decisions, make bold choices that bring big results – in fitness and in life. Commit to something, empower yourself with motivation, and through education to establish life long healthy habits.

I train for me

I train for LIFE.

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