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Hi, Thanks for checking out our website.  
RiseFit. not just another Gym Perth,  a boutique-style gym, fitness centre owned and operated by two experienced expert exercise, nutrition & mindset coaches YOU CAN TRUST.  (thats us)

If your looking for a gym that
  • you feel comfortable,  in a friendly, non judgemental supportive environment that fosters connection,
  • is safe, clean, organised , well equipped and maintained which is never overcrowded 
  • can enjoy complimentary towel & bottled water service & a coffee in our members space,
  • trust highly experienced expert coaches in exercise, nutrition and mindset, 
  • develops sustainable behaviours that will maintain your desired physical and metal health,
then this is the place for YOU.

We work with  those new to exercise to competition bodybuilders.

Our members tell us the one characteristic that stands out is that  "WE CARE".

"We invite you to experience RiseFit, where YOU, YOUR goals,  YOUR experience and YOUR results are our #1 priority."

Owner / Operators
These types of memberships provide you with access to the gym to train and/our our small group training sessions access our gym AND/ or groupfit sessions .  The RiseFit App is used to managed sessions bookings, recording activity, communicating.  COMPLIMENTARY - body composition scan 

No more fumbling to unlock your phone and find your notes app; Cheatsheet is as easy as pulling down center, pulling up the keyboard, or glancing at your Apple Watch.


Train in a clean, safe, organised and well equiped gym that is never overcrowded, training is supervised by on duty coach, enjoy complimentary towel and water service.


Engage in both gym training and cardio, core training, this is a combined membership

Programs all include working with one of our coaches who will guide, support, and facilitate the development of new sustainable healthy habits.  

Choose the program that best meets you life situation and you goals and your results will be guaranteed. 
Access to all features of the RiseFit App, the essential tool 

These programs are HYBRID in that they are delivered online through our mobile app, text messaging and live face to face. 

LifeFit assists you to TAKE CONTROL of your body and your life. You will develop sustainable healthy behaviours that will improve the quality of your life. You will have access to scans, groupfit sessions and the gym.


KICKSTARTER is a 4-WEEK PROGRAM designed either get you started for the first time or get you BACK ON TRACK after a break. It includes exercise and nutrition coaching to get your daily activity levels and nutrition under control.


TRANSFORM is a 12-WEEK PROGRAM that GUARANTEES TO SERIOUSLY TRANSFORM YOUR BODY. It requires a 5 DAYs a week commitment to working out and a 7 DAYs a week commitment to your nutrition. Motivation, support and accountability are achieved by your coach who is present 24/7 through the RiseFit App.

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These programs are predominately delivered online through our mobile app, text messaging and zoom meetings.

The JOIN NOW ONLINE button at the top of the page is used to onboard you to your chosen program.  

 All RiseFit services are delivered through the app and web portal.  There may be third party contacts involved like your current gym, body comp scans. 


FIFOFIT is a combination ONLINE / LIVE or completely ONLINE program. It focuses on establishing a connected exercise , general activity, and nutrition routine between on swing and off swing. Connecting daily with your coach through the RiseFit App means that someone is present all the time.


ONEPLUS is an ONLINE health & wellbeing program that facilitates the deveoplment of sustainable healthy behaviours related to activity, nutrition, sleep and mindset. We use todays tech to quantify and be present in your daily life.


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Our vision is to make the world a happier place.
Our mission is to provide experiences that will enlighten & empower our members with the knowledge and skill to make decisions and take action to ACHIEVE THERE DREAMS and achieve life long health & wellness...


So let's get started with YOU.


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